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Mike Green
Chief Technical Officer

Mike has decades of experience designing, constructing and operating energy infrastructure systems, off-grid solutions, and solar PV plants. in 2008, Mike was contracted as a consultant to the Arava Power Company in Israel, aiding the company in navigating the newly established regulatory atmosphere and statutory aspects of large PV plants while designing the first large scale PV developments in the country, eventually submitting for licensing over 30 medium voltage distribution grid connected PV projects and 3 high voltage transmission grid connected projects. As the first projects progressed, Mike moderated between the regulator’s declarations and the utility’s standard working procedures to enable the first grid connection of a medium voltage PV plant in the country. During this time Mike was appointed by the Chief Scientist of the ministry of Energy to represent the country in the IEA-PVPS Task 13, founded to develop good practices for achieving efficient and reliable PV systems. Mike has jointly authored numerous publications while heading up the research into fault analysis. Mike continues to jointly author new publications on advanced monitoring methodologies and suggested good practices for banks and investors. Mike was a member of the team that wrote the Israeli standard SI-62548 for installing rooftop PV in Israel.

In 2012, Mike began managing the technical development of one of the first utility scale plants in Romania. The 7.5MWp field in Stanesti was bid out in August 2012 and completed by December of that year. Mike continues to manage the maintenance of that plant to this day. Mike has received two grants from the Israeli ministry of Energy and one grant from the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist to develop software that will enable higher penetration of PV into distribution grids by predicting and aggregating the next day’s hourly PV yield for small residential systems, predicting future faults in any PV system, thereby improving availability of small systems and to achieve early and reliable detection of degradation in photovoltaics.