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- CTI Africa

our team

Michael Landau
Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Michael has over a decade of intensive experience and relationships with African governments and international institutions, including at the UN, World Bank, EU, DBSA, AFD. Michael also has significant experience operating economic development projects in rural parts of Africa. Under his guidance, the CTI team has deployed a robust electronic financial and biometric data capture infrastructure to bring banking services to the “unbanked” in developing countries in Africa. As chairman of the Joseph Initiative, the team developed a world class agriculture program for small holder farmers in rural Uganda using cluster based, value added programs, eradicating post-harvest losses and greatly improving farmer income.Michael has pioneered some unique and creative structures of public private partnerships to enable governments in developing countries to facilitate CTI’s and the Joseph Initiative’s transformational systems.

Michael serves on the Strategy Council of the United Nations Global Alliance for ICT and Development and is active member of the UN Global Compact and UN Office of Partnership. Under Michael’s guidance, MAP has been recognized as a leader in the mobile financial services sector, having been designated a finalist for the 2009 GSMA (representing 219 countries and over 800 mobile operators in the world) for “Best Use of Mobile for Social and Economic Development”, a “Business Call to Action” honoree at the World Business Awards by United Kingdom’s Department for International Development, and CTI’s project in Uganda was featured by the UNDP at the World Economic Forum in Cape Town (2009) and a finalist at the Financial Times – IFC Development Awards in London (2009).