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Peter Schuurs
Chief Agriculture Officer

Agri-scientist with over 30 years hands-on development and agri-business experience in Africa and Australia. Peter offers a strong track-record in all aspects of adoption and management of commercially-focused, modern farming practices in logistically difficult areas, for large-scale agriculture and smallholders alike. Peter has spent the past 15 years in sub-Saharan Africa as an agricultural generalist excelling in sub-tropical and tropical environments. Peter has had diverse experience and shown a proven expertise across cropping (rainfed and irrigated), livestock and grazing management, pastures/forages, fodder conservation, development of sustainable crop and forage/pasture rotations, green-manure cover crops for enhanced soil organic matter and crop rotation diversity, land development strategies for sustainable agriculture, and implementation of large-scale projects in logistically difficult environments. Peter’s key focus is on the fact that successful agribusiness development is contingent upon highly productive agriculture that is driven by well-implemented technology and management adapted to a particular environment.