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Rural, under-served communities have holistic problems, we provide holistic solutions

CTI Africa

“A Unique Public Private Partnership Delivering Holistic Innovative Sustainable Development…Today”

CTI is a social enterprise focused on providing rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa with holistic solutions to their economic and social challenges.

Our mission is to help bring all Africans into the twenty-first century. The company's focus is on leveraging the latest technologies and best practices in agriculture, renewable energy, electronic banking, data, healthcare, and clean water.

Data drives our initiatives allowing our partners and us to accelerate these solutions exponentially.

Rural Empowerment
Addressing SDG's in rural underserved communities

Over 80% of sub-Saharan Africa lacks access to basic services such as electricity, potable water, financial services, healthcare, education, and connectivity. CTI has created a data-driven solution that will provide underserved communities with such basic services. The CTI approach is to provide a combination of solid local delivery solutions and leverage best practices in each respective sector.  

Our Solutions

• Are modeled and implemented in sub-sahara Africa,

-Fully Scalable

-Financially sustainable 

• Empower all types of under-served rural communities worldwide.

-Improve their social welfare with quality  healthcare

-Provide and connect these communities to global markets

-Offer educational opportunities...

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• Are modeled and implemented in sub-sahara Africa,

-Fully Scalable

-Financially sustainable 

• Empower all types of under-served rural communities worldwide.

-Improve their social welfare with quality  healthcare

-Provide and connect these communities to global markets

-Offer educational opportunities and vocational training

• Enable us to collect critical data points from selected rural communities:

-Tremendous asset for government initiatives

-Intelligent planning; and

-Valuable to major world movers such as the World Health Organization and

• Utilize partnerships with key organizations within the market.

• Leverage these partnership programs with public assistance and nationally funded initiatives.

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Our Model: Holistic and Working Now

Our goal is to engage with governments to provide local communities and households with a proven, financially feasible template that empowers communities and creates better standards of living.

Our model is in progress and works.    It is fully integrated.

• Household solutions are enhanced by community efforts.
• Community efforts are enhanced by public assists
• All three levels are enhanced through strategic partnerships.

Our Solution is financially feasible and in demand.
Our communities thrive, and our partners thrive.





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Health Workers

The Sub-Sahara Project: The 600 Million Person Solution-A model of shared goals and interests. Proof of Concept and a Treasure of Data.

Many people take for granted disease free drinking water, power to provide light in the dark, fundamental disease prevention, medical care, education, telecommunications, and an environment with basic infrastructure.

Sub-Sahara Africa is like many under-served rural communities worldwide.

Rural residents have no power, poor water, expensive/inadequate mobile phone data access and little access to health care. Their ability to increase their incomes is limited, because of agricultural post-harvest losses and lower-than- possible yields due to improper seed and fertilizer. 

What little income they do earn is largely spent on unhealthy fuel sources such as kerosene and charcoal, which further damages their health.

The Problem with Siloed Solutions

• Patchwork solutions exist which address individual basic needs
• This siloed approach becomes financially unfeasible for the average resident
• They pay upwards of $20 each month for limited services and solutions which can be greatly reduced through our integrated holistic solution
• Our holistic foundation makes tomorrow’s promise of Sustainable Development Goals doable TODAY.

The CTI Africa initiative addresses each of these problems with unique integrated solutions.

Electrical power when made available through solar panels and our unique microgrid technology solves many problems at many levels.

• Access to electricity at the community and household levels
• Reduced household reliance on carbon-based fuels
• Our alternative energy solution is financially enhanced by leveraging “carbon credits.”
• Water purification solutions relieve reliance on unpurified water and associated health risks.
• Telemedicine clinics offer primary healthcare and quality diagnostics
• Wireless connectivity makes possible financial infrastructure, entertainment, education guidance, and further opportunity to release citizens from the poverty trap

• Agriculture solutions allow farmers to greatly increase their yields, reduce post-harvest losses, and fetch higher prices for the crops.

A dedicated capable team in place, solving the problem

CTI has assembled a world class team, with deep experience in scaling start-ups, doing business in Africa, and in the key functional areas necessary for success.

Our senior management team has held senior positions in national government, international agencies, national payment switches, mobile payment companies, national identification and ID related companies, agriculture, and renewable energy. The combined skill set enables CTI Africa to create unique programs.

Our Advisory Board is constantly evoloving as members with far reaching experience add to our capabilities, solutions, strategic connections and expertise. 

World Class Partners understand the importance and benefits of joining our effort

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